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History of, HH Amplification.

HH Electronic (Harrison & Heald)started in 1968 by Mike Harrison, Malcolm Green and Graham Lowes in Harston near Cambridge where the first solid state TPA Amplifier and other equipment were designed and produced.The Company then moving to larger premises at Milton Cambridge, named the 'Dust Bowl' producing the first of the IC range of music Amplifiers and here building for the later success of HH Electroinc. HH's designs were way ahead of many other manufacturers at the time, not only with the internal electronics but with cabinet designs and overall looks. One of the first solid state transistor amplifiers designed and manufactured by HH, was the TPA and AM series being commonly used by many broadcasting studios, including the BBC.

For the musician and the retail market place the I/C100 Organ/Musical Instrument Amplifier was produced which gave a massive 100-watt RMS of undistorted power. A separate speaker cabinet that matched the I/C100 was the 412BL minor Lead/Bass Cabinet. The I/C100 was also put in to the form of a 212 Combo matched with then, a pair of Celestion 12" Speakers. When moving to Bar Hill, HH moved up several gears to produce some very desirable music sound equipment, such as the MA100 Mixer Amplifier, V-S Bass, IC100L, V-S Musician, housing them in a very slim format and combo enclosures. Many new speaker cabinets were designed and were put into production, such as the 212 & 412 Dual Concentric 212BL, 215BL, 412BL, 115PA Radial Horns and Bass Bin + Piezo.

Speaker chassis now being manufactured in-house under the supervision of HH Acoustic, to match perfectly with the amplifiers and speaker cabinets. Continuing designs brought along another of the first 19" rack mountable studio quality power amplifiers, the S500D, producing nothing less than 500 watts RMS of power per channel. As time moved along, so did the expectations of the operator and a new design of amplifier was born, this being the V series, V100, V200, V500 and V800 Mosfet. Speaker Cabinet designs also changed, giving you the all new Pro Series, heavy moulded corners, aluminium extrusion and a new vinyl cloth covering. HH also catered for the serious PA installer producing the admired Concert System, using well constructed cabinets and speaker drivers.

Many new products were produced, such as the Communicator 12 & 16 Channel Audio Mixer, new MA 200 & MA 400 Powered Mixers, the all new keyboard, P73 Electronic Piano and Stage Lighting System to name but a few. HH moved again in around 1985 up to Clifton Road Huntingdon Cambs to continue further development of new amplification such as the VX Range of 19" Rack Amplifiers, MXA and Invader series speakers. HH, now owned by Laney continued to produce new amplification such as the New Pro Series Speakers, such as the Pro 700 full range cabinet, Pro 450 & 900 Bass cabinets and a new range of MX Series Mosfet Amplifiers, to name just a few. Please browse the website at your leisure to see most of the products produced from around 1970 to 2001.

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